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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

The Paper Team 150th Episode Special (PT150)

Alex and Nick mark one hundred and fifty episodes of Paper Team with an incredible celebration all about your favorite moments from the podcast and new advice from past guests.

Which favorite episodes and iconic moments have our listeners and guests chosen? How are writers staying at the top of their craft? What are the records Paper Team has shattered over a hundred and fifty episodes?

We also feature updates and fresh insight from several of our TV writer friends, including: Liz Alper, Chris Monfette, Michelle Badillo, Caroline Levich, Gretchen Enders, and Ning Zhou.

The Paper Team raises a glass…


1 – Favorite moments chosen by our listeners, our guests, and ourselves (00:00:44)
2 – Updates and new advice from past guests ft. Liz Alper, Chris Monfette, Michelle Badillo, Caroline Levich, Gretchen Enders, and Ning Zhou (01:33:07)
3 – Looking back at three years of Paper Team and special thanks (02:01:46)


Breaking in as a TV Writer Later in Life ft. J. Holtham (PT92)
TV Staffing 101 (PT101)
International TV Writing Models ft. Des Doyle (PT122)
Building Your Career as a TV Writer ft. LaToya Morgan (PT111)
Comedy v. Drama II: Blurred Lines (PT143)
Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your TV Scripts (PT148)
Rewriting Your TV Script (PT90)
Disney ABC Writing Program ft. Kristi Shuton (PT130)
CBS Writers Mentoring Program ft. Jeanne Mau (PT131)
NBC Writers on the Verge ft. Karen Horne (PT132)
Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop ft. Rebecca Windsor (PT133)
Fox Writers Lab ft. Moira Griffin (PT137)
VR Storytelling ft. Michael Masukawa (PT102)
Paper Team Mentorship I – “Mid-Death Crisis” Overview (PT128)
Paper Team Mentorship II – “Mid-Death Crisis” Beat Sheet (PT134)
Paper Team Mentorship III – “Mid-Death Crisis” Outline (PT138)
Paper Team Mentorship IV – Staffing Update With Paul (PT147)
Paper Team Mentorship Patreon updates
TV Writing Programs and Fellowships ft. Andy Mathieson, Jenny Deiker Restivo and Thomas Reyes (PT85)
Performing In and Out of the Writers’ Room ft. Charla Lauriston (PT141)
Meetings 101: Generals and TV Staffing (PT62)
Putting Yourself Out There (PT75)
TV Formula 101: Building an Engine For Your Show (PT117)
Finding Stability as a Nascent TV Writer ft. Julia Yorks (PT120)
An Evening in the Writers’ Room (PT100)
Finding Content for Digital TV ft. Hillary Levi (PT112)
Networking 101: How to Talk With People in Hollywood (PT05)
Networking 201: Cold Contact, Queries and Etiquette (PT121)
Writing Samples and Preparing for TV Staffing ft. Liz Alper & Kai Wu (PT119)
Writing Heroes and Breaking Genres ft. Tamara Becher-Wilkinson (PT144)
Directing TV Comedy ft. Alethea Jones (PT118)
Staying Productive During Hiatus (PT126)
Comics and TV Writing: How to Bring the Page to Screen – Paper Team Live at WonderCon 2019 (PT129)
TV Writing Incubators and the Evolution of Access (PT125)
TV Writing for Comedy & Drama ft. Michelle Badillo & Caroline Levich (PT115)
Writing and Pitching Across Formats ft. Gretchen Enders (PT124)
Earning Your Way Into the Writers’ Room ft. Ning Zhou (PT135)
Liz Alper’s #WGASolidaritychallenge grid

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