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International TV Writing Models ft. Des Doyle (Showrunners) (PT122)

Alex and Nick invite Des Doyle, director of the Showrunners documentary, and behind several writing programs for Screen Skills Ireland, to discuss international TV writing and exporting the showrunner model to other markets.

How does the American showrunner model differ from the way television is written internationally? How do you create that setup globally? How does auteur theory impact TV? Why is there a rising cost in television production? How do you move up the ladder of TV writing outside America? Is the showrunner model the best for a writers’ room?

The Paper Team exports itself…



Showrunning and International TV models with Des Doyle (00:53)
Final Advice, Resources, and Next Week On (51:56)


Des Doyle on Twitter
Showrunners documentary
“Showrunners” – Tara Bennett
Screen Ireland
Screen Skills Ireland
“Judge Dredd Owner Rebellion Sets Up $100 Million U.K. Film and TV Studio” – Variety


Children of Tendu
3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast

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