Independent Producing ft. Jimmy Nguyen (Showrunners) (PT32)

Independent Producing ft. Jimmy Nguyen (Showrunners) (PT32)

Alex and Nick are joined by Jimmy Nguyen, executive producer of the documentary Showrunners, to discuss independent producing, collaborating with other creatives, and lessons he’s learned over his years working in Los Angeles.

What is the role of a producer? How did the documentaries Showrunners and Barista came to be? How does he approach creative and professional collaborations? What are some tips to getting started and networking properly?

The Paper Team gets good at the ask…



1 – Moving to Los Angeles, connecting with people, and getting involved in Showrunners (00:37)
2 – Working as an independent producer, their collaborative role, and helping make Showrunners/Barista (08:39)
3 – Inspirations and other projects (38:04)
4 – Tips and advice for aspiring producers (47:15)
Resources and Next Week On (53:48)


Jimmy Nguyen on Twitter
Showrunners (Documentary)
Showrunners (Book)
Comic Book Sunday
Des Doyle
Ryan Patrick McGuffey
Jason Rose
Wally Schrass
Irish Film Board
Jane Espenson
Damon Lindelof
The Pirate Tapes
Indie Game: The Movie
Charles Mruz
Going Clear
The Imposter
The Family
The King of Kong
Shut Up and Play the Hits
Helvetica (Documentary)
Searching for Sugar Man
Man on Wire
The Jinx
O.J.: Made in America
Mayor of Sunset Strip
The Kid Stays in the Picture
Heroines (Short)
The Big Short
Rachel Moore
The Champ
Search Party
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Top of the Lake
Essen Game Fair
Roy Lee
“Adventures in the Screen Trade” – William Goldman
The Ring
Gravitas Ventures


“A Pound of Flesh” – Art Linson
“Save the Cat!” – Blake Snyder

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