VR Storytelling ft. Michael Masukawa (Secret Location) (PT102)

VR Storytelling ft. Michael Masukawa (Secret Location) (PT102)

Alex and Nick invite Michael Masukawa, manager of strategy and business development at Secret Location, to discuss emergent forms of VR storytelling.

What are the unique challenges of developing VR content? How do you work across VR devices? Why is branded content so popular? What does a VR script look like? What makes for a good VR experience? How is VR evolving?

The Paper Team puts on their headsets…



Starting in LA, working in TV development, transitioning from linear scripted stories, challenges of VR content, types of VR, branded content, devices, financing VR, experiences, writing VR, VR distribution, future of VR (00:47)
Final Advice, Resources, and Next Week On (46:32)


Michael Masukawa on LinkedIn
Secret Location
Takashi Miike
Sonar Entertainment
Google Cardboard
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive
PlayStation VR
Dear Angelica
Magic Window
Oculus Go
HTC Vive Focus
Blasters of the Universe
Oculus Story Studio
Fable Studios
Penrose Studios
Unreal Engine
Accounting (VR)
Virtual Virtual Reality


Voices of VR
Road to VR

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