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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Writing Your First TV Pilot – A #scriptchat Experience

Last Sunday I was invited to speak (or tweet) on the weekly #scriptchat with Nick (my Paper Team co-host).
If you’re not familiar with it, #scriptchat is a weekly Twitter discussion around the world of screenwriting.

The topic du jour: Writing your first TV pilot.

We covered a lot of things, including:
– The importance of outlining
– Where to begin with the pilot concept
– Why TV is a character’s medium
– Important TV pilots to study
– What makes a pilot stand out
– Getting feedback on your script

Clearly, a ton said (or written) in the span of 60 minutes.
Jamie Lee Scott moderated and immortalized the discussion on Wakelet. So for your enjoyment (and education), here is the full Twitter transcript:

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