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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Four years and counting

Well hello there.

Firstly; no, I am not dead.
Let’s just say time flies when you’re having fun.

But back to why I’m posting this very post.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of A TV Calling.
Here I am, posting a little bit here, a little bit there, and four (four!) years later, this is where we are.
484 posts, and counting.
To put that into perspective, this blog has lasted longer than Arrested Development.

When I started A TV Calling a few years back (four to be exact — longer than Veronica Mars), there were only a few blogs dedicated to the business of television, let alone TV writing specifically.
I wanted to create a space of discussion, exchange, and camaraderie for (aspiring) television writers.
Ultimately, I can’t say this website has become as successful as Carnivale was, but clearly it lasted longer than the HBO show (i.e. four years).

This post seems to be the perfect place to thank the most integral part of this website: you.
That’s right, I really couldn’t have done it without you.
You’ve stuck around throughout the long months and years of void to come back, more determined, more focused, more writer (whatever that means).
I know you get what I am trying to convey through these long-winded sentences that never end and oh my god please just put a freaking full stop already I’m dying of old age over here. There.
Although I may not have had the time to personally respond to the many amazing e-mails I have received over the course of the past four years, I truly cherish them all.
I am oftentimes humbled by my fellow writers and readers of this website, who, little by little, are carving their way into writerdom.
This is not pandering, it’s the truth.
You are an amazing group of people.

But what I really want you to remember from this post, is that A TV Calling lives on beyond four extraordinary years.
In other words, longer than the original Star Trek series.

Now, unlike Dead Like Me, A TV Calling has lasted four years.
But what is the next frontier?

To tell you the truth, I am indeed planning on expanding this four year-old website into…something more.
Although I cannot give out details at this time, an announcement should be coming shortly (or not).
Definitely stay tuned.

I have just finished a gig so it looks like I’ll have more time on my hands to write (and write posts).
Comic-Con is fast approaching, so July may also be a little slow, but as Galaxy Quest once said:
‘Never give up, never surrender!’

And now, as usual, let me conclude with my own inspirational prompt.
Write on!

See you on the next post.


  1. Evan

    Happy 4th Birthday! I’m sure Mitchell Hurwitz is jealous… Looking forward to four more years of posts and then possibly a TV adaption, followed by a feature film, and clothing line at Target.

  2. Beardly Mustachington

    Please come back! I’ve missed this blog. At the very least could you return once a year with your wonderful spec recommendations. The Big Six deadlines are approaching (Nickelodeon is right around the corner) and I’m breaking my head on which comedy and drama specs to submit. I dusted off and updated one for RAISING HOPE because, well, that show is still around, still quirky, and I don’t think there are a glut of specs for it floating around. Then I have one for AWKWARD. because it’s well regarded, fresh, edgy, and just under the radar enough that I think it might surprise a reader (that’s making a big assumption that they even know about the show, however). And I’m a good way through rewrites on a DON’T TRUST THE B____ IN APT. 23 spec, mostly because I accidentally discovered that I really dig the show (though its fate is in question). Is my JUSTIFIED spec going to be one of way too many? I’m gonna start a SHAMELESS spec soon, but is it too under the radar? Your advice is needed, man!

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