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Seven Years of TV Calling

Seven years ago to this day, A TV Calling was created.

I can hardly believe it. SEVEN years! We ain’t getting any younger.

It’s been a blast looking back at our seven years over the past seven days. Reminded me of that time we did the same thing for our one year anniversary.
Incidentally, I’m on a Parisian trip at the moment, meaning I’m writing this anniversary post in the very same place I started this site: my parents’ basement my Paris bedroom. Hard to imagine that seven years ago stood in this place a little blogspot thing. And now, look at us!

Since I love me some stats, here are some to accompany the birthday:
To date, there have been, not One Hundred, nor Two Hundred, or Three Hundred, or Four Hundred, or even Five Hundred, but 564 posts in total. An average of 1.54 posts a week. (It should be a bit higher, but let’s just forget the dark ages of 2011-2013.)

My most popular posts have been three staples of spec writing:
The “Bix Six” TV Writing Fellowships
– The yearly (as-of-now 2015) Comedy Spec List and Drama Spec List
Ten Spec Writing Rules (and why you should care)

Past the writing side, my next most-popular posts have been the Lost letter and “How to get an agent“. Surprisingly, my Cabin in the Woods review of the script (pre-release) is also a well-read item. Also worthy of mention: the Six Feet Under and Friends Screenwriting Lessons.

Over the past seven years, the site was visited by over 12,780 different cities in 203 countries. We’ve also had people from all 50 states, trailed by the Dakotas and Wyoming. California is well ahead with nearly 40% of all U.S. users.

We should talk about changes to the site itself. We’ve seen three iterations of the design. Every change was made to highlight the great content and facilitate access. This trend is about to continue with our next evolution.
I’ve been talking about a new design for the past month, and we are on the verge of breaking our mold once again. Tune in later this week for the big reveal.

Yes, I’m still teasing! I’m still on my way back to LA! It’s going to be great!

I do get all tingly looking back at the first four posts of June 2008.
The first sentence ever written on the blog was: “Yes I’m lazy.“ And, yeah, I’m still pretty lazy. In fact, most of this post is basically a retelling of my post for the one year of TV Calling. Lazy. I did warn you in the first sentence.

Over the years, I’ve also received many kind letters. Unfortunately, some fall through the cracks. I may not have time to respond to all, but do believe I read them all. That is why I wanted to take this opportunity to say, to everyone, from the bottom of my keyboard: THANK YOU.

Thank you for your readership. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your faithfulness.

My goal, as stated way back when, has always been the same:

[Guide] other struggling writers out there in their daily, and not-so-daily problems. I hope my trial and errors will help show that nothing is impossible when you pour your heart and soul into it.

If this site helped even one person, then we can safely say our mission–our journey has only begun.

Hold on, I need to grab a Kleenex. These damn allergies I tell ya!

I’m back. So. What have we learned over the past seven (!) years?
Many, many things. Too many things. Let’s just pick one. Bears can dance. Yes, that sounds about right.

Let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished while looking as to what’s ahead: more writing tips and tricks, more business advice, more interviews, more insight, more scripts (yes!), more you name it.

It is a great time to be on TV Calling.

Welcome to Year Eight.

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