Nine Years of TV Calling

Nine Years of TV Calling

Holy moley.

Today is the nine-year anniversary of TV Calling!

Yes, that’s right. Over 3,285 days of television writing content.

So far, 2017 is on pace to be the most-viewed year on record, with an average 400 visitors a day for the main site and 635 a day including our script library.
In other words, an average of 18,000 visitors a month! If you’re keeping track, that’s what our record month was only last year. Incredible.

So THANK YOU as always for being awesome participants in this growing community.

Now let’s reminisce. What has been happening since last year’s celebrations?

For one thing, I’ve been busy with the Paper Team podcast, the bestest weekly podcast about television writing.

If you haven’t subscribed yet… What are you waiting for?

Android apps:
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If you’re subscribed and enjoy the show, I dare you to leave us a review right now on iTunes! It takes a minute to do and helps us grow the comunity.

We’re in the middle of recording our fiftieth episode of the show, so stay tuned for more awesomeness.

TV Calling is also on the brink of breaking seven hundred posts. Only 11 to go as of this one…

Some of the most popular posts written over the past year included:

– I found a now-gone post by Jane Espenson discussing how Joss Whedon and the Buffy writers’ room broke their episodes. Truly a must-read.
– We flew very close to a writers’ strike and my 2017 WGA strike vote primer proved useful to people for a TL;DR on the situation.
– A reader asked whether to finish writing a pilot similar to an existing show, or transforming it into a spec script. I broke down the answer.
– Another reader wondered how to approach writing TV specs for adapted series. I talked about whether or not you should use the source material as inspiration.

But the most popular new posts, unsurprisingly, were the 2017 TV spec list for drama and TV spec list for comedy.

And like last time, if you’re writing specs or thinking about writing specs, I recommend checking out my awesome (free) Spec Script test.
It’s a PDF with several key questions (and explanations) to make sure the TV show you’re picking to spec is the right one for you.

What a ride.

Here’s to our final single-digit year — and many more posts to come!

Time for year ten.

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