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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

A TV Calling 3.0

Welcome to the third version of A TV Calling!

In 2008, the site was launched.
In 2010, the site moved to WordPress and switched to a custom-made modernized design.
Today, the site goes back to its minimalist roots.

I’m super excited to finally open the doors on this brand new skin!

The idea: have a simple, efficient design that could emphasize the most important content of the site (i.e. the articles).
I think we’ve accomplished that pretty darn well.

Although I wasn’t able to launch it on the site’s fifth birthday, I say better slightly late than never.

Say hello to a clean, open view of the articles, in (almost) full width.
Say goodbye to distracting sidebars. The important stuff is now condensed into the static menu.

You can explore at will the site. It’s easier than ever.

What you’ll find:
– New “hover” menus, with quick-access to the most requested articles and popular sections from the site.
– Fully-redesigned pages with a ton of useful information.
– Completely responsive theme that automatically adjusts to your device: desktop, tablet or phone. (For example, there are three variations of the main menu.)
– Remastered pictures and banners for all featured articles. Bigger, brighter, better.

New feature: “Next on A TV Calling
As the name implies, it’s a teaser for upcoming articles and announcements that are gonna be on the site.
You can check it out on the left, towards the bottom of the sidebar.

Speaking of, there’ll be a few new regular segments that are coming down the pipeline.
And additional major announcements are still to come. Don’t miss next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the site!

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