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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

TV Calling – 4th Edition

Welcome to the fourth version of A TV Calling!

In 2008, we launched.
In 2010, we moved to an independent host and switched to our first custom-made modernized design.
In 2013, we went back to our minimalist roots.
Today, we expand to become the best TV writing resource out there.

A mere days from our site’s seven-year anniversary, I’m very excited to finally unveil this awesome redesign. Especially with all the great things that go along with it.

tv calling fourth edition big

Let’s take a look at the brand new features

The TV Writer Roadmap

You may notice a big red “START HERE” button at the top.
If you’re new to the site, and even if you’re a veteran, I’d suggest you check it out right now.

We go over the TV Calling mission and the three major factors behind any TV writer’s career (i.e. the three major paths we explore on this site). It’s what we like to call our “TV writer roadmap”.
It’s also a great centralized place to find all our must-read articles.
Of course, I’ll be constantly updating it with new information. Keep an eye on it!

The Redesign

New design means lots of shiny new things. Here are a few from TV Calling’s 4th incarnation:
New top menu bar: For quick access to the most important sections, I’ve made this fancy red-and-white menu. Some of the linked categories will be updated as time goes on to evolve with current news.
New categories: Over the years, we’ve had a lot of categories. Some were concise, others were confusing. I’ve simplified the whole system to coincide with the three aforementioned paths from our roadmap. That meant re-categorizing all of our past 560+ posts!
New sidebars – Fancy graphics and images will showcase our amazing article series and important updates. How pretty are they?
Completely responsive theme – Much like the previous version, the site will automatically adjusts to your screen. Try it out.

Still to come…

– An awesome TV Calling newsletter with super-duper exclusive content.
– Great TV writing tools.
– Lots of new Profiles of Television interviews.
– Other secrets. (Shhh!)

So, there you go. A TV Calling 4.0.

Oh, I almost forgot–
One more thing.

In addition to working on TV Calling’s redesign, I’ve been secretly busy on a separate project for this site…

The TV Calling Script Library

You might have noticed the icon/link in the top menu bar.
That’s right.
Scripts are back on TV Calling. (A TV Calling sub-site to be more precise.)

The TV Calling Script Library offers screenplays for your educational enjoyment.
For now, we have well over 70 (!) pilots, one-hour and half-hour scripts. New scripts are added every day.
We’ll soon be featuring pitch documents, bibles and other TV writing-related documents.
Again, this is all for educational purposes only!
The design of the sub-site is (incidentally) fairly rudimentary. But you’re there for the scripts, not the sights.
Our Script of the Week series may also come back from the dead. A long time coming.

As you can see, there’s a ton of new things on the horizon. The future is bright on TV Calling.
We are here to be your go-to TV Writing resource. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Write on.

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