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Square One

Today is TV Calling’s two-year anniversary.
It has been a long time coming, and I must say I’m proud of all the great content, and of all the visitors who have passed through our doors.

Perhaps the greatest change in this past year has been the redesign which prompted a two-month long hiatus.
But let’s not dwell on this.

There has been a more recent lack of posting (and tweeting), for which I must now come clean.
Truth be told, I could write pages of (actual) reasons of why this happened, ranging from two hard-drive failures to being “too busy” (with a Star Trek marathon).
For the most part though, I just didn’t feel it.
I did not have much to add to the ongoing “conversation” so, instead of blabbering around, posting empty meaningless content, I decided to take a step back.
Nothing is better than irrelevant, right?

This short break incidentally allowed me to take care of more pressing matters.
In the past month, I have begun to finally break a pilot I had been holding off.
More importantly though, I was able to plan more thoroughly my move to L.A.
I started this blog two years ago in part to tell you guys about my own experience and steps toward becoming a (future) television writer. I did talk about my various visits to the West Coast and how I successfully obtained my Green Card (yay!).
But being both geographically and temporally so far away from this life-change (let’s call a spade a spade), I admit I did not have much to tell about what went on–until recently.
This is obviously why the blog has been diverging at times from its original purpose to center on a more analytical aspect of television (though with great articles).

Maybe this post seems either like bragging or a list of personal accomplishments, and maybe I wrote it for cathartic reasons, but I wanted to let you know how important this blog and your support have been to me.

And now, we are about to arrive to our final destination.
In a month, I will be moving to Los Angeles.
Square one.

This jump into the unknown is both thrilling and, dare I admit it, scary.
Perhaps this site, this log of my daily struggles, will ease the transition. (Bonus points for actual advice in the posts.)
I will continue to sporadically update the blog, bringing it back to its roots.

I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey.
Here’s to you fellow reader, and to another two years of TV Calling!


  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary! Even with a brief hiatus, the collection of articles and links on this site have been a great resource for me. I first found A TV Calling while doing some research for some sitcom spec scripts and I stumbled across your “Comedy Spec Script 2010 – What is hot and what is not” article. Although it’s always nice to hear tips and articles from people who are already in the industry, your site proves that with a little research and hard work, even aspiring writers can offers some helpful insights. Keep up the great work and good luck with your move to L.A.


  2. Lordy

    Let me be the first to raise a toast. Here’s to another undoubtly great year. And many thanks are due to our readers, your support and interest are greatly appreciated.

  3. Good luck on your move to L.A. – we’ll try and keep this excellent weather going for you over the next few weeks!

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