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Grand Redesign

I’ve been teasing “big things in the works” for TV Calling.

I’m happy to finally announce one of these things.
A complete redesign of the site!

That’s right. I’m revamping the design entirely, from scratch.
I’ll be presenting the brand-new theme in the coming days (just as soon as I’ve fixed a few pesky bugs). The unveiling should, hopefully, be within the next week or two.

The new theme will answer a few of people’s requests throughout the past few years, not the least of which is a reversal in color-scheme. The sudden switch may be quite jarring to some, but more eye-pleasing.

This is just the tip of the grand revival iceberg you’ve all been waiting for (at least, I have).

More announcements will be, well, announced as soon as TV Calling’s new skin rolls out.

Stay tuned!

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