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It’s a news dawn, it’s a news day:

– MTV has had its shair of dumb moves, most of which involving non-music programming, but this time a new low has been reached.
The network is preparing a US version of Skins.
Yup, we’re talking about the “trashy” UK series.
But how the hell can the project “break new territory” as MTV says if you can’t even say fuck (let alone show nudity nor rebelious acts)?

– Steven Spielberg/Robert Rodat’s still-untitled alien invasion pilot for TNT has begun shooting in Toronto under the helm of Carl Franklin.
As you might recall, E.R.‘s Noah Wyle is the star of the pilo.
However, there’s still not much news on the rest of the cast nor the basic premise of the show.

– Don Cheadle has lined up a producing gig for March to Madness, an upcoming FX show (yup, another one).
The pilot is being written by Joel Silverman and shot by Pete Segal.
The show centers “around a corrupt college basketball program that cheats its way to the “March Madness” NCAA basketball tournament. Project will be told through the eyes of the college coach, whose idealistic approach to the job has slowly been eroded by the compromises he’s forced to make.”

– In case you haven’t done so already, check out Chris Nolan’s awesome Inception teaser.
I’m hoping the movie will allow Joseph Gordon-Levitt to garner some well-deserved attention.

– Also, io9 has a week dedicated to TV as well as two guest bloggers: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Josh Friedman and Day One‘s Jesse Alexander.
Both have posted great posts.
Josh talks about why he needs therapy to work through TV, and Jesse blogs on why Space: Above and Beyond “blazed new trails.”
Two great reads.

– Oh, and you should check out this neat parallel between Titanic and Avatar‘s lukewarm receptions pre-release.
History likes to repeat itself.

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