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I am an asshole.

Just as Yom Kippur ends, I find out someone has posted the following comment regarding my “Fringe is unoriginal” post:

If you honestly think that your stupid post will steer people away from watching Fringe, YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN! Grow up, asshole!

Okay, my cover has been blown: I’m an immature asshole.

Indeed, I’m really bitter about being rejected from the Fringe writing staff so I decided to write a two-parter out of pure spite.
That’s basically the same reason why Jon Stewart decided to bash CNBC. The network had rejected him the year prior from being their new spokesperson.

I acknowledge that Sliders and the Kromaggs are pure inventions of mine that I retroactively created after seeing the Fringe Season Two premiere.
I went back in time impersonating both Tracy Tormé and David Peckinpah, and later went on to get that “parallel universe show” made, with all the while in the back of my mind this vague idea that, a decade later, I would post on some semi-obscure blog how this awkwardly-named series Fringe looks so much like a poor man’s Sliders.

So, yeah, I agree with you that I’m an asshole for showing the many ways something pretending to “revolutionize a genre” or be “original” actually is not.

Secondly, I also admit that I was angling for people to stop watching Fringe altogether after reading my post.
Not to be an egomaniac on top of being an asshole, but it’s pretty obvious everyone follows my advices.

If we take a look at what happened in the past year:
The Middleman ended its second season with ground-breaking ratings;
– Stephen Colbert was named president both in the Marvel universe and our actual universe;
The Jay Leno Show got taken off the air a week before it premiered;
– The MacGruber movie was never made;
– And, just recently, Flight of the Conchords and Breaking Bad won Emmys for being the best shows in their categories.

Though, for the record, I wasn’t asking anyone to stop watching Fringe. I was merely pointing out the awkward similitude the show has with another science-fiction series dating back to the mid-90s.

Mea culpa.

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