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Lost Week

Whether you’ve collected all the official posters, despise what Darlton have done to the mythology, or have barely seen an episode, you have been for the past six years, one way or another, impacted by Lost.

As the ground-breaking series comes to a close this Sunday, we bring back posting on TV Calling with a week’s worth of articles about the phenomenon (for better, or for worse).
For a show that provoked throughout the years so much heated debates and theories amongst the (non-) initiated, it seems only fitting that we honor it by doing the one thing we do best: discussing and dissecting all of its aspects (some more controversial than others).
From fandom and mythology to storytelling and what the future may hold for the (potential) franchise, we will try to cover as much new ground as “smokely” possible (ha ha, get it?) in the upcoming week.

And it all starts today.

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