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Spin it

New infos are starting to leak on that Office not-really-a-spin-off-but-kinda, starring Amy Poehler, and premiering next April on NBC. First off, it will start shooting this month. Despite being made by Greg Daniels and Michael Shur and being shot documentary style the show will not be tied in to The Office. Yet Rachida Jones is joining the cast (with Aziz Ansari).
Will she play an all-new character?
Survey says probably.
Jones is playing Poehler’s BFF. Ansari is the intern constantly following Amy’s every move. Think Ryan inside Dwight. Or not. Why the hell would you put that image in your mind?
Anyway, sounds like The Office 2: Revenge of the Awesome.
Now, what about the main character? And what about the actual show?
The show is actually set in Pawnee, Indiana inside “The Department of Parks and Recreation” with Amy Poehler as its deputy chairman.
FYI the actual Pawnee in Indiana is currently a cornfield.

On the actual Office show meanwhile, Idris Elba has been cast as the new nemesis for Michael Scott. He should appear later this season for a 6-episode stint. Elba is going to play a new Dunder Mifflin corporate recruit that is going to make Scott’s life a living hell.

And I’m not even going to bother talking about that Gossip Girl spin-off prequel.

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