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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Writing Scripts That Go Viral ft. Jordan VanDina (Animaniacs/What Would Diplo Do) (PT163)

Alex and Nick are joined by Jordan VanDina, writer on the new Animaniacs TV show, the upcoming movie The Binge with Vince Vaughn, and creator/writer of Weekend Scripts, to discuss generating scripts that will go viral, leveraging online success to get work, plus the importance of having a pasta pass in your arsenal.

How do you go about promoting stunt scripts? What are ways of writing scripts quickly? How can you leverage online success to get representation and work? How was Weekend Scripts born? What was the experience of working on What Would Diplo Do? What is the new Animaniacs writers’ room like? How do you transition into feature work?


Writing scripts that go viral with Jordan VanDina (01:07)
Final advice, resources and next week on (31:22)


Jordan VanDina on Twitter
What Would Diplo Do?
The Binge
Weekend Scripts
TV Stunt Specs ft. Billy Domineau (PT45)
Never Ending Pasta Pass

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