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You're leaking coolant at an alarming rate

While we’re on the Wired subject, or not, as well as Internet, here is another small article about leaked pilots on the Interweb.
What interested me in this article is that, as usual, the people behind the article like to hide behind “torrent-tracking sites” to speak of illegal file sharing, when it’s obvious that they have, like all of us, downloaded shows at least once in their lives. After all, the article is from Wired!
I mean if you go to any torrent website, you’ve known damn well for over a month now that pilots, like Fringe, have been leaked; hell, there’s even some talk that J.J. himself leaked the pilot!
“The number of leaked pilots and shows is always increasing”
Thank you mister obvious. I don’t need a torrent expert to tell me that, I’ll just open my eyes.
Let’s not pretend that we’re all good little boy scouts that have never ever illegally downloaded something and also never heard of torrent websites.
Yes, “society” (and suits) frown upon downloading but if you go download illegal stuff on the net, at least have the guts to admit it instead of pretending you don’t know pilots have been leaked for over a month.

And also, let’s be honest, if it was not for pirating and Internet, Lost and Heroes would not have been huge phenomenon.
Last year, months before TF1 premiered Heroes in France, there was something called the Heroes World Tour, where the cast travelled through several cities to promote the show.
One of those stop was Paris.
I wanted to meet Jack Coleman and I knew that Heroes was very popular here in France. Keep in mind that the HWT was months before the show even premiered for the first time ever on French TV. Despite that, hundreds (if not thousands?) of people formed a giant queue in front of where the cast was supposed to show up. Long story short, I unfortunately was not able to meet Coleman (too much people in line, despite me having arrived with friends at 8AM – the signing was during the evening).
Obviously everyone of them had downloaded and watched the show beforehand.

So yes, downloading greatly helps a show nowadays and helps build its reputation.
Let’s face the future and acknowledge that the illegal leaking of shows helps build a fanbase instead of destroying one.

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