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10 years since Six Feet Under

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the series finale of HBO’s groundbreaking Six Feet Under.


I remember like it was yesterday, staying up all night in Paris, waiting for the episode to air so I could watch it.
If memory serves me right, I was able to appreciate it around 6AM (Paris time).
I am glad I was able to experience it “live”.
Everyone’s Waiting” is truly one, if not the greatest series finale of all time.

As I’ve previously mentioned, many manly tears were shed on that day.

If you haven’t read them yet, I dedicated two articles to Screenwriting Lessons from Six Feet Under back in 2011.
The amazing writing of the show, and what can be learned from it, is still relevant today more than ever.
A must read for any screenwriters!

I also recommend reading the The Oral History of Six Feet Under over at Rolling Stone.

And while you do all that, put Sia’s Breathe Me in the background.

Maybe you’ll tear up like me just now.

Everybody’s waiting.

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