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Groomed Home: Now Live!

Time for another non-sequitur.

Last month, I announced I had been working on a completely unrelated project: Groomed Home.

We finally launched! Exciting.

What is it about?
It’s lifehacks for your home/apartment/cardboard box.

To quote myself:
We made this site to show why we believe taking care of your place shouldn’t be a chore.
Groomed Home is about upping your game. Or more specifically, one-upping your place. It’s about realizing that there are few real differences between you and people that control their stuff.
We are here to inspire you to learn more, do more, live more.
We want to optimize your surroundings, unclutter your stuff, and improve your life.
Housework is not about an antiquated notion of a housewife cleaning dishes and cooking dinner. Controlling where you live is about being independent.

This is Groomed Home

I hope you enjoy!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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