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Meet the People Who Decide When and If Shows Live or Die

Here’s an interesting 45-minute long interview with two TV network executives coming from KCRW.

Now that the 2015 TV upfronts have wrapped, Michael Schneider and Joe Adalian sit down with two of the people responsible for deciding which primetime shows air when.

Kelly Kahl is in charge of scheduling at CBS Primetime and Andy Kubitz heads up scheduling at ABC Entertainment. Kubitz used to work at CBS, so while the men have a bit of a professional rivalry today, the two remain friends.

Kubitz and Kahl tell us when they start the planning process for the new TV season and what kind of factors go into their decision making. While they’ve both got many shows that they would love to keep on the air, they’ve got to be rational. The decision whether to keep a show or pull the plug usually comes down to one thing: money.

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