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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Paper Team is Live!

It’s Monday August 1st, which means it’s time to launch and release into the wild the first six episodes of our awesome new TV writing podcast Paper Team!

You can now get each episode, the show notes, and subscribe all over here:
Episode 1 – Moving to Los Angeles (and Things We Wish We Knew Before)
Episode 2 – Comedy v. Drama: Declare Your TV Major
Episode 3 – How to Meet People in LA (When You Don’t Know Anyone)
Episode 4 – Spec v. Pilot: What You Should Be Writing Next
Episode 5 – Networking 101: How to Talk With People in Hollywood
Episode 6 – Bringing the TV Writers’ Room Process Home

And here’s a playlist of our latest episodes:

If you enjoy our Paper Teaming, please leave us an iTunes review and/or rating at paperteam.co/itunes! :)

Subscribing to Paper Team

By subscribing to Paper Team, you will automatically receive the latest episodes downloaded to your computer or portable device.

Paper Team
Paper Team
Alex Freedman & Nick Watson

Paper Team is a podcast about television writing and becoming a TV writer.

Every subsequent (weekly) episode will be posted on TV Calling (i.e. here), on paperteam.co (which redirects to our Paper Team hub), and all major podcast subscription medium (iTunes, Google Play, Android podcast apps, RSS, etc.).

You can access any episode and show notes by adding the episode number after “paperteam.co/”.
For example: Episode 1 – paperteam.co/1; Episode 2 – paperteam.co/2; and so on…

Select the subscription method below that best fits your super awesome lifestyle.

iTunes and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod)

To subscribe, select the “Subscribe on iTunes” button or go to paperteam.co/itunes.

Mac and Windows

To subscribe, select the “Subscribe on iTunes” button or add our RSS feed to your subscription.

Google Play Music

We are also on Google Play Music! If you have it (it’s free), you can subscribe by following this link: paperteam.co/googleplay

Android and Amazon Fire

To subscribe, click the “Subscribe on Android” button above on your mobile device.

Your favorite application

If you can’t already find us on it, copy the address found in the box above, and paste into your favorite podcast application/news reader.

Bookmark this podcast

To bookmark this podcast site, press the "Ctrl" and "D" keys on your Windows keyboard, or “Command” + “D” for Mac.

In case you’re very confused and missed my original announcement post on Paper Team, here’s everything else you need to know about the podcast:

Who is on Paper Team?

I’ll be manning one of the mics. Yes, that means you’ll be hearing my sublime voice after all these years (assuming you’ve actually been reading me for that time). And you’ll be getting more of the great TV Calling content you know and love (now in audio form!).

Like every great podcast, this is a two-hander.
The other half of Paper Team is another awesome writer: Nick Watson.
While I’m of the TV drama sensibility, Nick will represent the TV comedy side. He’s also a fellow foreigner (from Australia). So you get the bonus of listening to two different non-American accents!

While most episodes will just be us two talking about TV writing, things are already in the works to bring in great, knowledgeable guests with more direct experience to future topics we’ll cover.

What is Paper Team all about?

This is a podcast about television writing and becoming a TV writer.
It is for people like us–working their way into the business from the ground up–who aspire to be TV writers (whether drama or comedy).
It is also for everyone interested in the television industry and everything around it.

We’ll be alternating every episode between two threads vital to being a successful TV writer: the business side, and the writing side.

On the industry end, we’ll be discussing things like meeting people, networking, finding work, being an assistant, and the television business itself.

On the writing front, we’ll be tackling anything related to our craft. Writing TV pilots, TV specs, taking notes, structure, theme, working in a writers’ room, in a writing team, and much more.

If you have any thoughts, problems or comments, you can e-mail us directly: [email protected]
You can find both Paper Team members on Twitter:
Alex – @TVCalling
Nick – @_njwatson

Write on.

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