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True that

As the Emmy shift fallout is continuing to make waves (#emmysfail was yesterday the second hashtag on the Twitter trend topic list), this little post by theonetruebix on the Whedonesque forum sums it all up nicely with various links leading to other articles talking about the important issues at hand here.
Will there be a boycott of the Emmy ceremony when the time comes?

There’s also some new details that have emerged regarding Avatar day (August 21).

Well, it’s actually more about what’s going on in France for Avatar Day but I would assume the same thing is going to go down elsewhere, including the States.
Basically, the 3-D 15-minute preview will be shown for free every 30 minutes, starting at 6PM.
More info should come out around the 19th.

In the meantime, Time Magazine has a great piece by Richard Corliss on Thirst and how it shows that “Vampires Beat Zombies”.

There’s also a couple of TV announcements with Bryan Singer producing and writing another Syfy mini following The Triangle in 2005. This 6-hour limited series will be about the 2012 myth and the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world.
USA also revealed a huge list of projects, including a lot of cop shows.
Good Cop, Bad Cop, Busy Bodies, Gourmet Detective, you name it.
There was as well a show entitled Hotel Dix written and produced by…Tom Fontana.
Yes. A Tom Fontana show on the USA Network.

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