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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

TV Pilot 201: Keeping the Reader Interested (PT84)

Alex and Nick discuss how to be proactive in the way you write your TV pilot script, and how to keep the reader interested.

Why are loglines and titles so important? How can you connect your script to your personal story? How do you set things up in a pilot? What are ways of counteracting reader fatigue?

Plus, we take a look at the recent revelations about Amazon Prime Video’s internal numbers.

The Paper Team turns the page…



Paper Scraps: Amazon Prime Video viewership (00:37)
1 – Meta: Elements around your TV pilot (07:20)
2 – Script: Translating your TV pilot to the page (26:11)
Takeaways and Resources (45:49)


“TV Pilot 101” (PT30)
“Amazon’s internal numbers on Prime Video, revealed” – Reuters
“TV Characters 101” (PT46)
“Analyzing Great TV Characters” (PT72)
“TV World-Building 101” (PT44)
“Tone in TV Writing” (PT60)
“Act Breaks” (PT15)
“Teasers & Cold Opens” (PT61)
“Analyzing Great TV Pilots” (PT54)
“Weaving Storylines: A/B/C Stories” (PT53)
“Macro Storytelling: Writing Character and Story Arcs in TV” (PT68)
“Writing Themes and Values in TV” (PT36)


“The Pilot Script Checklist” – Splitsider

Special thanks to Alex Switzky for helping us edit this episode.

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