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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

The 2019 Paper Team Holiday Special (PT164)

Alex and Nick celebrate the end of 2019 by taking a look back at the last year of the decade, both for Paper Team and TV writing news, plus answering more of your questions, celebrating our fans, and announcing our 2020 plans for the podcast.

When and how can you include holidays in your scripts? What were the most popular and discussed episodes of Paper Team in 2019? What were our favorite shows, movies, music, books of the year? What are our favorite series of the past decade? What are our 2020 Paper Team goals? What gifts did Alex and Nick get each other?

PT164 2019 Paper Team Holiday Gift Exchange


1 – Paper Team Announcements: Mixer, Mentorship, Showrunner Series (00:00:44)
2 – Holiday Question and Shout-outs (00:03:34)
3 – Paper Team 2019: A year in review (00:12:09)
4 – Best of 2019 (TV, episodes, movies, music, books) and shows of the decade (00:26:02)
5 – Paper Team Goals for 2020 (00:52:53)
Gift Exchange and Next Time On (00:56:48)


The 2016 Paper Team Holiday Special (PT25)
Halloween on TV (PT64)
Disney ABC Writing Program ft. Kristi Shuton (PT130)
CBS Writers Mentoring Program ft. Jeanne Mau (PT131)
NBC Writers on the Verge ft. Karen Horne (PT132)
Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop ft. Rebecca Windsor (PT133)
Comics and TV Writing: How to Bring the Page to Screen – Paper Team Live at WonderCon 2019 (PT129)
TV Formula 101: Building an Engine For Your Show (PT117)
Writing Samples and Preparing for TV Staffing ft. Liz Alper & Kai Wu (PT119)
Impostor Syndrome, Staffing Submissions and Commercials (PT149)
Comedy v. Drama II: Blurred Lines (PT143)
The Paper Team 150th Episode Special (PT150)
TV Writing Resources We Use (PT139)
Earning Your Way Into the Writers’ Room ft. Ning Zhou (PT135)
Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your TV Scripts (PT148)
The Boys (TV Show)
Watchmen (TV Show)
What We Do in the Shadows (TV Show)
“Bandsersnatch” (Black Mirror TV Movie)
“She Was Killed by Space Junk” (1×03 – Watchmen)
“Little Fear of Lightning” (1×05 – Watchmen)
“This Extraordinary Being” (1×06 – Watchmen)
“Twin Cities” (2×06 – Counterpart)
“Pandemonium” (3×12 – The Good Place)
“Episode 6” (2×06 – Fleabag)
There’s Something About Movies
The Circle (TV Show)
“Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo
“Fear Inoculum” by Tool
“Good Luck, Kid” by Joseph
“new skin” by Vérité
Avengers: Endgame
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Parasite (2019 Movie)
“Permanent Record” by Edward Snowden
Showrunning Daybreak ft. Aron Eli Coleite (PT159)
Writing Heroes and Breaking Genres ft. Tamara Becher-Wilkinson (PT144)
Writing Classic Multicams to Cable Darlings ft. Dan O’Keefe (PT154)
Networking 201: Cold Contact, Queries and Etiquette (PT121)
TV Writing Incubators and the Evolution of Access (PT125)
TV Prose 201: Breaking Rules (PT156)
“What is the best UK show no one knows about?” – TV Calling

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Special thanks to Alex Switzky for helping us edit this episode.

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